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Review: BRTC Glossy BB Cream



Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic (BRTC) is one of the more reputable cosmetic companies in Korea and based on online reviews, they have a lot of fans. Their BB cream line is very popular. I was able to try their “best” BB cream, the BRTC Recover Balm, and I was very impressed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos to make a review post. To make up for that, here is my review of BRTC Glossy BB Cream based on a sample I bought ages ago but only got to try recently. Unfortunately, I think this particular BB cream has been discontinued. I don’t see it in nor


The BRTC Glossy BB Cream is very thick so it is harder to apply than most of the bb creams I’ve tried. I used a foundation brush to apply the cream on my face and I had to use a lot because of the cream’s consistency. BTW, I used a cheap new brush by Marinnaud (only P130+ which I bought from Watson’s) because I broke my old one. Anyway, initial application made my skin look pinkish but like all bb creams when they settle, it adjusts to normal skin tone. Normal for Koreans at least. Since I’m fair for a Filipina (NC 25) the color of BRTC Glossy BB Cream works for me.

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