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Olay White Radiance does wonders!

Hello all! I apologize for not blogging for months. I was busy with, uhm, work and even social life. SOCIAL LIFE! LOL. I also went on a vacation last month until last week. Now I got more stuff I wanna show and review. 🙂

I haven’t gotten around to editing pics of my new purchases and those I bought before that are still on pending review. But here’s a review of Olay White Radiance that I have emptied out ages ago (picture was also taken ages ago LOL). My Mom gave me a jar… For a reason — She said I looked terrible! Well, I was at my most low at the time that I let myself go for a while. Zombies probably looked better than I did.

Olay White Radiance SPF24v2

It was the first time I’ve tried that Olay White Radiance and a whitening product at that. I must say that it is truly effective. Not only did it brighten my skin, I also looked more refreshed. Stress-signs were no more and so were the uneven skin tone and red spots. I felt and saw the results in less than two weeks.

I applied this every night. Sometimes before makeup too but only on certain days when the weather wasn’t horribly hot.

I already had my second jar of this, but not of the very same product. I think I got the night cream without SPF. I very much recommend this. It does wonders and I’m glad and grateful that my Mom introduced me to this. I usually got the “you look younger than your age” even.

After I finish my stock of moisturizers I will definitely re-purchase. This is also the most affordable among what I have. If memory serves me right, a jar costs between PhP600 to PhP700. Worth buying for a very effective product, I tell you.

There’s a variety of Olay whitening products which will suit everyone’s preference. Olay products are available in most department stores and in leading groceries.

There are no before and after photos for comparison. Sorry! But I will go through my old pictures to somehow show how Olay did wonders to my face. XD I hope I won’t forget. *takes note*

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