Why It Is Important to Use Protection

Let me first start off by stating that if you’re reading this then you probably feel that the necessity to have someone let you know why you ought to use protection . I will not express wear a condom as to me that renders the belief that this guide is about guys. Girls are equally liable in regards to condom usage!

Lots of you have come across something like previously. I am not writing this post just to present some new data. This is just a guide to highlight the simple fact of the significance of protecting yourself. I mean you just have one life to live? Why live your life in fear, not knowing if your night of fire could turn into a life filled with hurt, anger and despair? Things do occur, along with a condom might not defend you from each and every thing on the market. My purpose in all this is that in the conclusion of the afternoon, you ought to be able to return and say you have done everything you can to safeguard yourself. Here I have assembled a list of reasons why you ought to at least think about using condoms!

  1. Avoid STDs.

Most folks having a sexually transmitted Disease do not even know that they have one. So, how will you know if they are safe? The best option is to always protect yourself just in case.

  1. Avoid unwanted Pregnancy.

Condoms Might Not Be 100% successful in preventing pregnancies but the fact is that no 1 means of contraceptive is 100% if you don’t stay abstinent. Use condoms to lessen your odds of unwanted pregnancies.

  1. Shows maturity.

Looking after your sexual health speaks Volumes, and could be considered being accountable.

  1. You’re not married.

This isn’t to offend anybody, or state that union implies you’re safe. It’s likely that if you are not married, your spouse may not be together with you annually or two from today. With multiple spouses, doubles your danger!

  1. They are trendy.

Condoms today come in several shapes, dimensions and colors. They’ve distinct publications that improve feeling, like Trojan’s brand new Fire & Ice. You may also purchase condoms in bulk internet for advantage.

  1. Less anxiety.

Protection reduces the odds of both STDs and pregnancy, though you must remember this isn’t 100%. You and your spouse still have the duty of being tested frequently.

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