Deborah Hi-Tech Blusher in Mogano

Deborah Milano Hi Tech Blush Mogano 20160506_202635

Some more background on when I bought the Deborah Hi-Tech Blusher in Mogano — The person who made the request asked me about Catrice. I haven’t tried anything from the brand, but some of their products have good reviews. So I tried all their blushes and they were either too shimmery and powdery–Fall-out was bad. 🙁 The sales lady recommended Deborah since it was at the next aisle. I’ve been curious about the brand too because that’s usually the first I see when I go to SM Makati’s beauty section. 🙂

I wasn’t too impressed by the first set of blushes I tried, but their Hi-Tech Blushers are good! I was sold, so I got one.

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Deborah Milano Hi Tech Blush Mogano 20160506_202627
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The palette I often grab atm

theBalm - In theBalm of Your Hand 20160506_202042

Normally, I stick to one palette for a month then move on to another by next because I have so many! I meant to use only the Laura Mercier Holiday 2013 Palette for this month, but I can’t keep myself from also using In theBalm of Your Hand.

When I saw the palette online, I knew I had to have it because it has Mary-Lou Manizer, Bahama Mama, and an Instain blush. Oh my goodness, I so badly wanted it! I made sure I had the dough before I checked Beauty Bar though, so I can quickly purchase it in case they have it. Of course it was a happy ending for moi. 😀

theBalm - In theBalm of Your Hand 20160506_202103

Before I go on my review, just an fyi that the lip colors aren’t included in this review.

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Gotta Love Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation


Managed to purchase a Silk Crème Oil-Free Photo Edition Foundation from Laura Mercier this summer, and it is so divine, it’s fast becoming my favorite foundation.


To start off, it is unfortunate this has the same name as an older foundation as it is completely different so there will be comparisons. This foundation leave a matte finish and can maintain a long lasting, smooth, oil-free finish. It promises 12-hour of wear, and it stays on pretty well, but oily areas will definitely begin seeing shine in a couple hours or less, even if powder is applied afterward. That’s not a deal-breaker, just don’t expect this to control oil for half the day.

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First impressions: Maybelline FITme! Matte+Poreless Foundation

20160517_072534 Maybelline FITme!

My oily skin issue is getting worse… And I blame the weather! I still like my CoverGirl foundation, but I thought I would switch for now with the Maybelline FitMe! Matte+Poreless Foundation.

My first impressions:

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  • I thought it was a pump foundation, but it’s like the L’Oreal foundation I used. No biggie because there are times I prefer this over a pump.
  • Coverage is light to medium and buildable.
  • Yellow-toned, which is great for those with warm undertones. Though I think I fall under olive undertone, this is still good match for me.

Maybelline, CoverGirl, & Wet n’ Wild recent buys

After about a month of wait, my drugstore beauty buys arrived! Well, about a week ago. XD;

20160425_231536 Beauty Buys

1. Wet n’ Wild Ticket to Brazil
2. Wet n’ Wild Bikini Contest
3. CoverGirl trunaked goldens
4. CoverGirl truenaked nudes
5. Maybelline FitMe! Matte Poreless Foundation

The following are pasalubong:
6. & 7. Estee Lauder Pure Color lipsticks
8. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara (I like the name. 😉 )

I would have gotten those in my wish list, but the drugstore brands were on promo. :3 I’m excited to try them all, which also means more makeup to review. ^^;;; Idk where to start though, so please let me know (in the comment below) which of the products above you would like to hear about first. 🙂


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil 20160509_030421

I got too occupied with the elections, that’s why I only had one post in the last few days. There has been so much anger and frustration besides the lot of cussing during this election. People have forgotten the Golden Rule. 🙁 Anyway, I hate to bring down the mood here too.

Recently, I bought the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. I read a positive review on it from another beauty blog–forgot whose as usual–so I bought it when I saw it at SM Makati. The persuasion is stronger when you see only three bottles left. LOL!

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Our favorite Met Gala 2016 looks

Emma Stone Met Gala 2016 002

I can’t get over the glamour of the female celebrities at the Met Gala 2016. So, I decided to pool our favorite looks.

Emma Watson

(Photo source: Getty Images)

(Photo source: Getty Images)

With sustainability in mind, her Calvin Klein custom-made attire is made from post-consumer plastic bottles and organic silk and cotton. At first I thought that was a skirt and looked disproportionate, but the bottom turns out to be pants. Personally, it reminds me of a pirate, but I ♥ how it could look so classy (as something you could wear in a gala) and re-wearable on other occasions.

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My wants list including some upcoming releases

Doesn't the blue one make you curious?

All these are high-end products 🙂

Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

This neutrals e/s palette is Laura Mercier’s release for this spring. When I saw the palette, I wanted it right away. Honestly, I had no idea it hasn’t been released yet at the time I first saw this. I went to the store to look for it. The saleslady told me they don’t have it yet, of course. Now I find out it was released only a few days ago.

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New beauty buys!

Nivea, Tony Moly, L'Oreal

Good morning, ladies! It’s hump day. I’m excited for the paydayweekend in a couple of days and to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight. 😀 I’m also excited to show you my beauty buys. Hihi~

The past few weeks I did some beauty and skin care shopping, which isn’t impulse really because most of them I do need — I need more makeup to review for Glam Love. (LOLOL! Justify pa!)

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Meeting the winner of Glam Love’s first giveaway

We met up with Tess of last Saturday in Luna Specialty Coffee, BGC to give her loot. 🙂

Joiz and I with our giveaway winner :)

Joiz and I with our giveaway winner :)

It was great meeting her and we had a blast hanging out with her. 😀

We are still very grateful to everyone who joined our humble giveaway. Again, please keep visiting because we’ll have other giveaways as well as for our beauty reviews and MOTDs of course. Leave comments if you have questions and requests too. We’d like our readers involved, so we have an idea what you would like to see here. 😉

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Can this CoverGirl foundation last in this blasted heat? + MOTD

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in Medium Beige

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in Medium Beige

I mentioned many, many times that my T-zone gets super oily and that the oiliness has gotten worse lately. It might be the weather, change of diet since I’m incorporating healthier choices, or skin care products though I use the same. As much as I liked the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup foundation, at some point, it started to just settle on my face and I would unknowingly get some on my fingers. I found out when I left a streak of foundation on a work document. I can’t even touch my face out of fear that I might transfer on other important stuff. Good thing I almost emptied the bottle, so I had a valid excuse to buy. I searched for foundations recommended for oily skin and saw CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in an online list of ‘best foundations for oily skin.’

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